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Select two broad subject areas (for example: the economy, health, or literature). Select two sub-topics for both of your broad subject areas (for example The Great Depression and unemployment for the economy OR lung cancer and obesity for health). You will be turning in four sub-topics for this assignment.

To develop these four sub-topics:

  • Consult a general encyclopedia and a specialized encyclopedia for your research (this week’s Learning Materials covers the difference between the two). Do not look for books or articles at this point. Just use encyclopedias.
  • You must have at least two encyclopedias for each of your four sub-topics, and only one can be a general encyclopedia. You can use the same general encyclopedia for all four sub-topics.

Write the following as a word processing document for each sub-topic:

  • Your broad subject area.
  • Your sub-topic.
  • A description of the sub-topic (no more than a paragraph).
  • Which encyclopedias you used?
  • Create a search vocabulary of that sub-topic. A search vocabulary is a list of terms and phrases appropriate to your sub-topic that would be useful for searching databases and catalogs.
    • Pay attention to the terminology used in the encyclopedias to develop your search vocabulary.
    • You must have at least five but no more than ten terms or phrases for your sub- topic.

Remember that you must submit the above for each of your four sub-topics.

I have chosen these topics to write about. Please complete the assignment using these topics.

My two broad topics are health and crime.

My two subtopics for health are: obesity and heartattack

My two subtopics for crime are: animal cruelty and legal punishment for animal abuse

Broad Subject Area: Health

Description of Subtopic #1: Obesity

(Write a paragraph about this)

Subtopic #2: Hearth attack

(Write a paragraph about this)

Which Encyclopedia you used?

Create Search Vocabulary Term: 5 words minimum

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