Life and Death in a Toxic Town

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For your Learning Activity in Week 3, you investigated the incident that occurred at Love Canal during the 1970s–residents of the small town were getting ill as the result of industrial toxins that were dumped there decades before. Since there were no laws at THAT time to regulate such toxins and resolve the consequences of those toxins on humans inhabiting these areas, the events at Love Canal were unique and unprecedented, heralding in new federal legislation to prevent such events from occuring in the future, and setting forth guidelines as how to handle such events. The Superfund Act in 1980 was the direct result of the tragic events that occurred at Love Canal to prevent this from happening again. Incidentally, Love Canal is STILL unfit for human habitattion.

Now that we have these Laws in place, what happened at Love Canal can never happen again…right?!?

Is Minden, West Virginia another Love Canal? Read the article published January 2020 entitled “Life and Death in a Small Town” and answer the questions corresponding to the article.

Link to the article:

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