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1.  Lord
of the Flies
One subject of interest in Lord of
the Flies
is leadership. Two leaders emerge on the island. Ralph, one of
these leaders, holds council meetings and lays out rules for speaking during
the meetings and for getting needed tasks done. Jack, the other leader, becomes
a hunter and gradually persuades other boys to join him and follow his
instructions. These two boys have different ways of leading and different
goals. In an extended response, compare and contrast Ralph’s way of leading and
Jack’s way of leading. Then, consider how the novel ends. What might the
author, William Golding, be suggesting about the most effective way to lead
others? In other words, what does the novel have to say about the subject of

As you answer, use a five-paragraph structure.
Introduce the work and your thesis in the first paragraph. Then deal with
Ralph’s leadership in the second paragraph and with Jack’s leadership in the third
paragraph. In your fourth paragraph, explain the theme about leadership you see
in the novel. Finally, conclude your essay with a brief paragraph in which you
make your thesis statement clear once again. Throughout your response, use
details from the novel to support your ideas.



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