M Attractive Benefits Package?odule 2 – Employee Benefits

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An Attractive Benefits Package?

Susan greeted Aden, her next interview applicant. Aden had an excellent academic record and appeared to be just the kind of person Susan’s company, Jones Investments, was seeking in an investments technician. Susan is the staffing specialist for Jones and had already interviewed two individuals for the position.

Based on the application form, Aden appeared to be the most promising candidate to be interviewed that day. From his past experience it looked as if he could be in his 30s. His address shows that he lives 45 miles away from the Jones facility. The application says Aden achieved a 3.65 GPA in his master’s courses, with a 4 point in his major field of finance. Aden was not only treasurer of his district’s financial planning association, but also served as volunteer on the parents’ financial advising committee for the local school. The recommendation letters in Aden’s file reveal that he was both active socially and a rather intense and serious student. One of the letters from Aden’s part-time employer during the past two years boasted of a notable work ethic.

Susan knew that discussion of benefits could be an important part of the recruiting interview. But, she did not know which aspects of Jones’ benefits program would appeal most to Aden. The company has an excellent profit-sharing plan, although 80% of profit distributions are deferred and included in each employee’s retirement account. Health benefits are also good. It also has long-term care insurance. The company’s medical and dental plan pays a significant portion of costs. A company lunchroom provides meals at about 65% of outside prices. Employees get one week of paid vacation after the first year and two weeks after two years with the company. Five days are provided each year for sick leave. In addition, there are 10 paid holidays each year. Finally, the company encourages advanced education, paying for tuition and supplies for courses directly related to an employee’s job. Under certain circumstances employees are allowed time off to attend classes during the day. Jones also provides 50% off of daycare costs for employees.

  • What aspects of the Jones Investments benefits program are likely to appeal to Aden? Explain.
  • What aspects of the Jones benefit package would likely be the least appealing to Aden? Discuss.
  • In today’s work environment, what other benefits offered by employers might be attractive to Aden? Why? Bring in examples of benefits offered (discussing at least two employers by name).

Bring in at least 2 library sources to help strengthen and support your discussion.

APA Style needed in a 2-3 page pager which does not include the cover and reference page.


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