Make a comment on a Davidsonkit​ post by 150 words.

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In preparation for this discussion, review content on p. 44-54 of the book Interpersonal Conflict by Wilmot & Hocker (2010). It explains what conflict is and what the defining elements of conflict are.

To comment on this discussion you will need to read the assigned section of the book p. 44-54 by Wilmot & Hocker and respond by 150 words. The first time, post your original comment following the instructions below

STEP : Follow-up post:

Respond to a Davidsonkit post by 150 words. Use one of the metaphors described by another student to generate practical solutions. For example, if a metaphor said that conflict is like flying an airplane into the ground, then what do you need to do?An example response would be to “jump out of the plane” or “call for help.”Transform that into the real-life behaviors. In this example, maybe the person needs to exit the relationship, or just needs a two-day break. Another way to phrase this is, “What are the options inside the metaphor?”

See the attachment PDF.

Clearly demonstrate that you read and understood assigned material; make valuable contributions to the posts made by other students; post contributions without grammar & mechanical error.

Citation Style Follow the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style, 6th edition: American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. {ISBN: 9781433805615}

Paper Format

Unless noted otherwise, follow paper guidelines below. Your paper: Must be typed in a standard 12-size font (Times New Roman preferred), double-spaced and have 1 inch margins on all sides. Must include a title page with your name, group name (if applicable), course number and title, type/title of assignment. Must include a page header (“running head”) of 50 characters or less (including spacing and punctuation) at the top of every page

Must include three major sections: Title Page, Main Body, and References

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