Managerial Accounting db

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Part 1
As EEC’s corporate business financial analyst, you will need to have a clear understanding of the different types of costs (variable, fixed, and mixed) that the company carries. Complete the following for this assignment:
* Review EEC’s journal activity.
* Define and identify its variable, fixed, and mixed costs.
* Determine what affect a sales volume increase or decrease will have on unit fixed cost, unit variable cost, total fixed cost, and total variable cost.

Use website here to view EEC’s journal activity.
Part 2
As an EEC corporate business financial analyst, you must have an expert understanding of the various costing methods. Select 1 of the following costing concepts:
* Full costing or absorption costing
* Variable costing
* Target costing
* Life cycle costing
* Activity-based costing
Respond to the following questions on the costing concept that you selected:
* Provide the definition of the concept.
* Discuss how and when the concept could be used by EEC.
* Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the concept as it relates to EEC.

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