marketing assignment 45

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1. Identify the elements of ‘marketing strategy’. See chapter 2 or PowerPoint slides. Explain your answer. After reading the attached article (Lacoste), what did Lacoste do to change its marketing strategy? What went wrong with the marketing strategy to create a need for change?

2. Consider one of the firms listed below. Go to the firm’s website and use it to gain an understanding of the business strategy. Look at the elements such as the breadth of products and services offered, the history of the firm, and its values. What is the business strategy? What product- markets does the firm serve? What value propositions does it use? How is the value propositions delivered? What are the firm’s assets and competencies? What strategic options has it pursued?

Please use APA format, 2 pages.

Choose Amazon as the company.

Please make sure to see the Lacoste Recasts Itself in its own prestige and the PPT slides.

See the attached files below……

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