MBA Public Administration

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Unit I Research Proposal Topic

Students need to select and present their own researchable topic for the research proposal in this course. Students are not limited to the topic suggestions listed in exercise 1 on page 76.

Complete exercises 1-9 on page 76 in the text to help you select a topic. Then, number 10 should be the topic and the problem statement for the topic that you have chosen for your research proposal and are submitting for approval by the course professor. Exercises 1-10 should be completed in a word document and submitted through the link provided in Unit I.

Example of a Problem Statement can be found on p.43 – Students need to identify a very specific problem within the stated topic. Do not let that problem be too broad (narrow it down to a specific problem that is researchable). Present that problem in a general statement about the specific need for the study. Why is the problem important enough to study? See attachment above……

(Estimated length – one paragraph)

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