Media and its Impact on Behavior, rough draft help

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HW #2 (25 points): Homework two is a rough draft of the method section of your research proposal. Remember that the topic of this assignment should be from one of the above mentioned 10 topics.

This assignment requires a description of your participants, the measures you would use to collect your data (i.e., DVs), a description of the design being implemented (i.e., correlational, experimental, etc.) and a detailed procedure that you would implement to conduct your hypothetical study. This assignment requires a complete method section – including participant, measurement, and design subsections, as well as a procedure section. This assignment is due by 11:59pm on Sunday of week 3

you wrote my paper on Media and its Impact on Behavior (e.g., violence, aggression, prosocial behavior). I provided the paper you wrote below. i really need an awesome grade on did. Can you please give me a good grade. and not plagiarize in anyway please

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