media law memo 1

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1.In response to that email, please write a business memo of about 250±50 words in length detailing your evaluation of the competition and its call for entries from the point of view of media law. Just like the managing editor is asking you:

*Name the part of the text/competition that might get the magazine and their advertiser into trouble with media law.

*Explain the kind of trouble they might get into in simple language and do provide definitions of what we’ve learned in COM240 in simple language,

*name relevant laws or groups of laws the way I’m asking you to do in the next paragraph.

*When possible, include a sentence on what to delete, modify or add in the competition rules and conditions to make sure the competition complies with the law.

Please note that the managing director is asking you to provide the titles of laws.

2.Please do mention the laws and white papers we’ve covered by title or by the area of law they are regulating. Include the newspaper title and date of publication for secondary sources.

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