Metrics in Mgt.

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  • (1). How does diversification and acquisition create value for a company and how can each destroy value for a company?
  • (2). Apple is primarily an electronics company, creating products for business and consumer markets. Apple also operates its own chain of retail outlets. In terms of Richard Rumelt’s categories of the level of diversification, where does Apple fit?
  • (3). What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration and outsourcing for businesses?
  • (4). Can you describe the advantages of outsourcing and the conditions under which it might be advantageous to outsource an activity to an external supplier? Can you provide a company example of an outsourcing success?
  • (5). What are the keys to and challenges of implementing strategy? How can companies overcome the challenges?
  • (6). Can you describe how the extended 7 S model is used to determine the level of alignment within a company and between the company and its environment?When using the 7 S model to create alignment, why do managers need to make sure all the S’s align with the organization’s strategy? What problems follow misalignment?
  • (7). What were the benefits of the merger between ISG and Mittal?
  • (8). What do you know about the following:

“Achieving organizational goals through successful strategic change implementation in business organizations”

“Business metrics: A key to competitive advantage”

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