Middle Tennessee State University Covid 19 and Labor Market Discussion & Responses

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Main Post:

Start a New Thread to post your answers to the discussion board.

In your main post, discuss 1 most interesting OR surprising thing (concept, idea, example, formula, graph, etc.) that you have learnt about any of the trends or challenges that the modern U.S. or world labor market faces AND explain why.  

  • Supplement your post either with examples, or your own experience, or use other methods to relate it to the real-world applications


I chose to write about COVID and the labor market. Many of the articles discussed how COVID has changed the way people want to work. People are wanting a hybrid system where they only work in the office for part of the week and at home the other part. People got used to working from home when offices shut down and they aren’t in a hurry to return. Technology makes it easier to work from home than ever before. When WMU shut down, I was still able to work about half of my normal hours from home. The other half I had to use my annual or COVID leave because I didn’t have enough work to complete an eight-hour day. However, when I finish my degree, my main goal is to get a job working for an airline remotely. I think COVID has increased the number of jobs that offer remote work which works in my favor. This also gives you a chance to choose where you want to live. You won’t have to live close to where you work. You can live in an entirely different state if you desire. Technology is constantly changing and improving our daily lives. We just have to be flexible and willing to change along with it.  



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