midterm art historical analysis

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Midterm Art Historical Analysis

Due: Thursday October 25th by Noon

DIRECTONS: Using examples from the weekly module content (only Weeks 2 – 8, Chapters 1 – 6), compose a 4-page response (using proper essay etiquette) to one of the following statements of your choice:

1. Different cultures and time periods often share similar interests, techniques, ideas, styles, and aesthetics.

2. Ideas about representing reality and/or representing realistically have fluctuated over time depending on historical and cultural context.

3. Ideas of ‘beauty’ (or, representations of ‘beauty’) have shifted over time depending on historical and cultural context.

4. Rulers have often employed creative artifacts to aid their governance.

NOTE: This long-answer essay response is “open-book” and will require you to use sources such as the course textbook, the video tutorials, or other links, books, articles, or information from outside sources. All of these sources MUST be cited using proper MLA or CMS-style citations. See Citing Sources on the Consortium Library site for help.

TIP: Don’t try to write about everything we’ve seen so far in this course. Limit yourself to a few examples from 2-3 different cultures, styles, or time-periods. Choose examples which best represent your chosen statement.


WEEK 2: Art in the Stone Age – https://youtu.be/KDaQ7GMrpBU?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt-dRHooEWNyHC56SrXsIj8u




WEEK 3: Ancient Mesopotamia and Persia – https://youtu.be/b32h6MYr7Ig?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt8O5Vn-pRZd0-uhGIsnJ9LC



WEEK 4: Egypt from Narmer to Cleopatra – https://youtu.be/dmyi6plcBwc?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt8mUS3Fy7_ZFe-L2SxMFnL0




WEEK 5: The Prehistoric Aegean – https://youtu.be/ttO9EfHun8E?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt-iuzt1eAdTijGFrMsKQGWH


WEEK 6: Ancient Greece (part i) – https://youtu.be/a_aMp06eK-w?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt8Fdw5uWRsXULyPUr2y9Qsp


WEEK 7: Ancient Greece (part ii) – https://youtu.be/8DMS0kH20pU?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt8Fdw5uWRsXULyPUr2y9Qsp


WEEK 8: The Etruscans – https://youtu.be/V4L4f3jQv3Q?list=PLYGGfq66Ptt-s6xbfonz877CkdmNuKlvK



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