Modernists’ and Post Modernist’ perspectives on inequality in organizations, management homework help

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The 2000 word essay topic is about inequality in organisations. Organizational Theory perspectives, Modernist and Postmodernist produce different narratives about inequality in organisations. Critically analyse the two readings and evaluate how their ontological and epistemological positions result in a different understanding and narrative of inequality within organisations. Your task is to de-construct the papers and demonstrate your ability to recognise the different assumptions made by modernist and postmodernist. Do avoid explaining the concepts of ontology and epistemology. Identify their ontological assumptions and thereby identify strengths and weaknesses of their arguments in dealing with inequality. Do not use up significant parts of your essay explaining the background, but clearly identify and justify the way you have identified the classifications. Clearly identify the two perspectives in your introduction and identify the two papers associated with your chosen perspectives. Compare the different perspectives and how each deals with inequality. Conclude by critically reflecting how managers may use this to resolve organisational problems relating to inequality. The paper ‘Reproduction of ‘Typical’ gender roles in temporary organisations’ has been identified to have a modernist perspective. The 2nd paper ”Trapped’ by metaphors for organisations’ has also been identified to have a postmodernist perspective. Referencing is in Harvard format.

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