Module 04 Course Project – Exploration Paper

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In an exploratory argument the writer lays out the three major
positions on a topic and tries to explain these positions. The reader
should be able to view these different perspectives to get an
understanding of the positions.

Do some research and reading concerning the topic you chose in Module
02. Then identify at least three perspectives on the issue. Analyze the
rhetorical situation. What is the exigence? Who is the audience? And
what are the constraints? Write an organized draft of your paper. Work
in summarized ideas and quotes to back up the perspectives. Don’t forget
to use in-text citations and include your sources on a References page.

This paper should be no less than two pages long and in APA style
formatting. More information on APA can be found by visiting the Online
Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab. The issue of pregnant teenagers that suffer from substance abuse is one of the problems that cost taxpayers huge financial resources and denying the country of the needed human capital to remain competitive in the comity of nations. Research studies that have conducted on the subject pregnancy revealed that a significant number of young women that get pregnant do so as a consequence of their addiction (Boustani et al., 2015). Klaus & Saunders (2016) noted in their studies that one of the key measures for developing interventions for these teen mothers is to address the substance abuse issues that would make preventive method ineffective.

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