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In Shakespeare’s time, Venice was known as a city of trade and law. This is exemplified by the main characters who cannot conceive of moral values, such as justice, mercy, and love, in anything other than commercial terms. In The Merchant of Venice, Venice contrasts with the world of Belmont, depicted as a place of easy wealth and peace. As a result, words mean different things in Venice than they do in Belmont. With this in mind, in this discussion you will examine how four particular words – fortune, interest, engaged, and bond – are perceived differently through the lens of someone from Venice versus someone from Belmont.

You will take on the perspective sympathetic to the culture of Belmont. Using the concordances listed below, search for the terms: fortune, interest, engaged, and bond. Define all of the terms using at least two quotations from the play for each. Conclude your post by summarizing how these definitions combine to form your overall point of view as someone from Belmont. In the subject line of your initial post, include the word “Belmont” to indicate your perspective.

Shakespearean Concordances (use these to search for the terms above):

Open Source Shakespeare.

Alternative Shakespearean Concordance for students in need of assistive technologies:






Shakespeare, W. (2014). The Merchant of Venice (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. In B. Mowat & P. Werstine (Eds.), Folger Digital Texts. Retrieved from…

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