Montclair State University Accounting Standards Codification Discussion

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In reading either of these articles, it is quite clear that “knowledge” boils down (melts down?) to which characteristic of science? How so? (See lecture notes or text for a list of the characteristics.)®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=5&pgtype=sectionfront

Overview–what makes science what it is?

We will start this module by considering what makes science science–i.e. what are the defining characteristics of science. There are two articles illustrating an essential feature of science–be sure you read them and answer the discussion questions.

While science is the “best” way of knowing, it is not perfect–and so we will review the common sources of error that can creep into science.

Be sure you read the materials on the politics of science and the failure to replicate issue. Finally there is a must watch you tube offering John Oliver’s crash course on science. There are discussion questions on all of the preceding items.

Key Questions/Issues:

  • What makes science science?
    • Scientific Reasoning
    • Characteristics of science
      • Empirical; causal; skeptical. . .
    • Science is better but not perfect
      • The error model
    • Canvas Readings/Podcasts and Discussions
      • Science’s failure to replicate problem
      • The Politics of Science
      • John Oliver’s video

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