Montclair state University in NJ essay

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I need to compose an college essay; the question i’m working on is why choosing Montclair state University in NJ is a great choice for me and why studying accounting is an essential choice for me at the university and the university near me.

I want to work on a 2nd college essay topic also; on a separate google document- the question is how i grew stronger during middle school and high school by not having so much friends, getting ridiculed, failing classes made me a stronger person to work harder and participate in multiple clubs such as Key club, Student leadership club, and The meditation club. Key Club helped me focus on the environment more and help out the communities around me, Student Leadership club helped me gain strength and independence by focusing on being a role model for underclassmen students and being an adviser and helper for the students in my classes, and meditation club helped me balance school and life , whenever stress or exams comes around i stay calm and knowledgeable.

both college essay topics have to be on separate google docs.

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