Moorpark College Brazil & India Economic Analysis Discussion Paper

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Question Description

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Part 1: Must Complete Each Week

  • Select a quote from one of the readings from this week that you find the most interesting, confusing or thought-provoking and explain why. (Just one quote from one article. You do not have to choose a quote from every article due for that week).

Part 2: Other Questions to Consider – Choose one or more questions to answer to get to 300 words. You do not have to answer every question below. Reflect on the question(s) you are most interested in.

  • What do you want to remember from this week’s class after the semester is over? Explain why.
  • Which concepts or ideas from this week’s readings relate the most to your life (personal life or current/future career)?
  • How might you use those concepts in your life (personal life or current/future career)?
  • What questions or comments do you have about the content this week? Which concepts or ideas are still unclear?

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