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#3 (WRA 1004)

Writing Situation: In our class exercises, you explored an
artifact that represented an important aspect of your home culture;
in your last paper, you analyzed your translating processes, in
moving from one language or culture to another.

you will turn your attention to MSU culture: something that is
still in the process of becoming your “home.” Your paper
will explore an aspect of culture here at Michigan State University
that you would like to understand in greater detail.

use an image from class, MSU culture can seem like an
iceberg—where you see only the surface, but 7/8s of the
“iceberg” is beneath “water,” beneath what we
see. This project invites you to explore some part of MSU culture
that you know very little about. Your job is to learn more about this
aspect of MSU culture (through interviews, surveys, web searches, a
popular article, a scholarly article)—so that you come to a
deeper understanding of why this culture does what it does, how it
does it, and how it thinks about and responds to students.

to demonstrate to others your growing knowledge of MSU
culture, in a way so that others, especially students, can benefit
from what you have learned.

(1) inquiry into the “hidden” conventions and
practices of a culture that is relatively new to you; and (2)
practice locating, evaluating, and synthesizing source materials for
an original research project.

other students who can benefit from what you have learned about this
aspect of MSU culture.


  • Interview
    notes/Survey samples, along with field notes from observation
  • Field &
    interview notes
  • Dialogic
    note-taking (on at least one article, either popular or scholarly,
    related to your topic—will work on this at the library)
  • Rough drafts
    and final draft (4-5 pages), including a visual
  • Reflection
    (in class pm 11/2) – what I used from my research and why;
    what was most / least helpful to my paper’s purpose and how

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