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The assignment is to write at least 175 words for each response and include:

1.Respond to two colleagues by providing feedback regarding their suggested use for research in their organizations.

2.Explain additional ways in which research and evaluation would benefit their organizations.

First posting to respond to Jacinta:

Atlanta Children’s Shelter is a nonprofit organization that provides free daycare, emotional support, educational curriculum, and focused social services for homeless children and their families. Atlanta Children’s Shelter primary goal is to help families overcome issues that contribute to homelessness, domestic violence, and job loss. Providing families with long term self-sufficiency of the family. “Research investigates ideas and uncovers useful knowledge” (Litman, 2008) Whereas “Evaluation is an assessment, as systematic and objective as possible, of a planned, ongoing, or completed policy or program intervention. The intention is to provide useful, credible information to guide decision-making and enable continuous learning” (Johnson, 2014). Research and evaluation can be beneficial to Atlanta Children’s Shelter because it helps the organization better understand the targeted audiences needs and how to exactly meet those needs, it allows for a more attainable and measurable objective and helps monitor progress towards those objectives more efficiently. Evaluating and researching how the organization’s eligibility for the program works can help the organization tremendously. The child must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age and children, no school-age children are allowed, and the family must be staying at a homeless shelter.

Implementing a summative evaluation would be the best way to address this problem. “Summative evaluations not only attempt to measure impact but also can be used to identify the key lessons learned from implementing and managing the program, lessons that can be used by others. These evaluations might also look at other issues, such as unintended outcomes, program sustainability, program efficiency, or the costs and benefits”( Johnson, 2014). Broadening the age gap and where the child is located would impact more children in the community.


Johnson. G, 2014. Research methods for public administrators (3rd ed.). Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe.

Litman. T, 2008. Evaluating research quality: Guidelines for scholarship. Victoria, British Columbia:Victoria Transport Quality Institute.

Second posting respond to Dan:

As I think of organizations and how the process of research can be used to enhance their operations one agency that comes to mind is the American Red Cross. Our text explains how the process of research is important in helping to provide answers needed to strategic planning and given the mission and goals of this organization it can develop help with the evaluation of needs that may be requested (Johnson, 2017). Since the American Red Cross works in the area of emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, operating in a global area, research can help to detect trends and patterns of events to help with maintaining a state of readiness to prevent and prepare for possible risk and threats (Beniot, 1994). As a researcher I believe that much needed information about with whom to partner with, foreign relations regulations, logistics that will be required to engage with various global areas, as well as best methods for recovery based on circumstance is much needed information that can be obtained through this process.

Research can address the problem of efficiency by helping to provide support for strategic planning so that the agency is able to be effective in their strategy. This will help them determine needs, appropriate resources, as well as how to best distribute, locate, and budget for the needed resources for their missions. Given that we called upon the organization has to be able to assist, without delay, research can definitely be useful in helping to ensure that this agency is able to do just this.

Benoit, J. (1994). Reports and reviews — sustaining relief with development: Strategic Issues for the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Peacekeeping & International Relations, 23(1), 15.

Johnson, G. (2014). Research methods for public administrators (3rd ed.). Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe

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