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Imagine that you are teaching a new college course in a subject about which you are passionate. In addition to the required text, your chair has asked you to select a supplementary non-fiction text. Before making up your mind, you will have to read the book and judge how useful it will be. In other words, you need to write a critical review that defines and organizes the strengths and weaknesses of the book, keeping in mind the academic needs, the level of student knowledge, and the likely interests of the students in your class. Your audience, then, will include both your chair and the future students in your class, who may want to understand why they’re being asked to read this book in addition to the required text. Your purpose will be to inform your audience of the merits of the book and persuade them as to whether or not it should be adopted for the course. Modes of writing likely to appear in your essay: Classical argument and analysis of argument.

As we did with the Memorable Events Essay, you will also be completing a peer review. Answer the Questions for Book Review Peer Review in a comment on the essay and also make line edits as needed. You will only need to complete one peer review, so please be sure to be very complete and constructive in your comments and corrections. This will be due Friday, March 24 by 5 p.m. with the rest of the module.


  • Length: 1200 words (5-7 pages typed in Times New Roman size 12 font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins around the page)
  • Your essay must reflect careful articulation of your argument and claims.
  • Quotations from the book must always be accompanied by your own explication and analysis, tying them into your overall argument. All evidence must be cited using the two-step method of MLA–brief internal citation followed by fuller citation on a Works Cited page.
  • Projects must be free of spelling a grammar errors and carefully crafted.

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