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Part I: For each quotation, identify the author and title of the work and provide a short explanation of the quote’s significance.Connect the quote to the theme(s) of the work.


“Lot of people offering her the stuff didn’t think no-arms-no-legs people had a right to their very own Philosophy and should be grateful for all that hardware which was going to make their pitiful amputated lives that much more bearable.”


“You’re better off without it. Drive it out or drown it out, that’s the sensible thing to do.”


“Isn’t life just one big, long emergency, happening very, very slowly?”


“When you correct others don’t humiliate them. Show them new tenderness; then they will humble themselves.”


“You think that would have changed things? The answer is of course, and for a while, and never.”


“As it goes on, you’re expecting this zen, wholegrain feeling to steal over you…but what you actually get is…just a different kind of noise.”


“When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease—of the joy that kills.”





Part II: Answer three of the five questions below. Include in your answer as much specific evidence from the plays as you can.



Explain the irony of the title of Susan Glaspell’s Trifles.



Explain the symbolism of the bird in Trifles.



In what way is the Christmas tree from A Doll’s House symbolic?



Compare and contrast the relationship between Krogstad and Mrs. Linde with the Helmers’ relationship.



What is the “miracle” that Nora keeps waiting for in A Doll’s House, but gives up on when she leaves?

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