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  1. Read three articles on the impact of GMOs:
    • “GMOs Are Nothing to Fear” by Pamela Bailey.
    • “Ethical Concerns and GM Foods” by Ian Murnaghan.
    • “GMOs Haven’t Delivered on Their Promises — or Risks” by Rachel Ehrenberg.
  2. Use the GMO Organizer to track each author’s argument and the support they provide for their position. Take note of any convincing evidence and ideas.
  3. Decide what position you will take and use the GMO Organizer to construct the argument for your op-ed. In addition to the three articles you will have already analyzed, use information from other resources to support your argument. Be sure your argument addresses the following questions:
    • Is the use of GMO’s in food products good or bad?
    • Should labeling be required for food products containing GMOs?

Be sure to discuss the moral and ethical issues related to this topic. You must also cite your sources throughout the article using APA format.,…-a0442780226

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