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1) In “Thank God for that Touchdown,” how might religion at sports events cause social tension? Did any school you have attended ever promote a particular religion – explain. (345)

Religion at sport events may arise tensions when sport coaches and it administers use religion as their reasoning for winning or another sense the exclusion of incorporating other people who worship different religions in the act could aslo result in a problem. In America, from what I have observe in public and social settings Christianity is act upon the most, so other religious or anti-religious people may feel hostile or like an outcast because they feel unheard. Additionally, this is why some people do not want religion being shared at sport events due to different beliefs.

2) How are Finland’s schools different from US schools? How did Finland improve from one of the worst school systems to one of the best? (355-356)

Finland’s school are different from US schools because of it interdisciplinary, non-competitive, and positive way of bringing about education towards the students. Indeed, America is full of competition, standardize tests, conflict, loss of jobs that has imbalance the school systems and it teaches. Moreover, what Finland did was take some of those approach away and use better approaches such as giving student less homework and tests so that they can have quality time, or broaden education in a way for student to adapt and find the creativity in it, eradicating standardized tests, and using motivation to help students when they are failing and succeeding. Perhaps, it would be delightful if US follow Finlands footstep in this case for education here has become problematic.

3) Why did 20 South Korean men chop off their fingers to protest school textbooks? In what way(s) might U.S. high school history textbooks be biased? (102-103)

The South Koreans men cut off their fingers because they were despised and felt ashamed of how its school textbooks were defaming their country and other Asian countries as tyrants who were evil and cause unforgettable tribulations to japan. Next, U.S textbooks can be biased from- lack of evidence provided, hearsay, personal feelings, questionable contexts or statements, lack of cited work, inaccuracy, and among others as well.

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