Newark, State of Delaware

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List in a table, (as comprehensively as possible) the “unique” subpopulations in your community ” Newark, State of Delaware” (by language, education or reading level, cultural belief systems, socio-economic capability [financial and /or ‘status’], age, and technology (phone, computer, television, radio, newsprint) access. In the same table identify at least two representative agencies or individual community leaders for each defined sub-population. In other words, look to see how the community you have chosen applies the FEMA Whole Community concept.


The Whole Community Approach in Philadelphia County PA

Demographic Data Partner Organization
Population 1,526,006 Mayor and City Council Members
Emplyment 59% Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Unions such as DC 47
Percentage in Poverty 25.30% Philadelphia Anti Poverty Office, Community Legal Servics of Philadelphia
Latinos 14.80% JUNTOS, Congresso De Latinos Unidades
African Americans 43.90% Urban Affairs Coalition, NAACP
People over 65 years old 13.40% Philadelphia Corporation of Aging, Philadelphia Senior Services
Women 52.70% Women’s Way, Philadelphia Black Women’s Health Alliance
People Under 18 21.80% Philadelphia Student Union, School Distric of Philadelphia
Veterans 63,801 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans Administration
Asian Americans 7.70% Asian Americans United, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia

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