NoJax Employee Personality Analysis

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NoJax is finally ready for you to start in-depth evaluations of organizational behavior at the micro level. Start by viewing the NoJax Company Background document and cross referencing the employee profiles with the organizational structure provided. This will give you an idea of what managers are working together. Pay particular attention to the given personality trait scores, education, and experience for each manager. From there, start to form an opinion about how these managers will be working together, both positively and negatively. The section on policy will also provide some context on working conditions and employee interaction. Senior management would like you to write a report providing analysis of your observations.

Address the following in your report:

  • Taking into consideration industry, job, and organizational fit, explain which Big Five personality trait you believe is the most important for NoJax management to seek out during an interview process. Support your choice with observations from the case document.

  • Taking into consideration industry, job, and organizational fit, explain which Big Five personality trait you believe is the least important for NoJax management to seek out during an interview process. Support your choice with observations from the case document.

  • Provide an in-depth analysis of a minimum of four of the management pairs working together utilizing personality scores and employee background information. For example, you might choose Design Manager Alice Bloom and Lifting Shoes Manager Anam Basra. For each pair, identify potential strengths of them working together and two potenti

    al weaknesses of them working together. This does require some hypothesizing based on employee personality traits scores and background information. Considering job tasks and job design helps here too.

NoJax Employee Personality Analysis
NoJax Inc. Company Background NoJax Inc. is a small American company that designs and manufactures specialized athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. The business was first started in 2010 when two cousins, Noah and Jaxson Williams, recognized that very few quality options were available for people that led an active lifestyle, specifically regular gym goers. This realization led the Williams cousins to create a shoe prototype designed with weight lifters in mind. The first shoe, dubbed the NJ Elite, emphasized comfort and support that wouldn’t interfere with weight lifting form while exercising. As the NJ Elite gained popularity with local retailers, NoJax expanded their offerings into sports apparel. Since then growth has been tremendous, and NoJax has grown from those small local stores carrying their products to over 200 retailers nationwide. Currently, NoJax has four main areas of focus: shoes for running, apparel for running, shoes for weight lifting, and apparel for weight lifting. The NoJax brand is targeted at the fitness lifestyle. This psychographic segmentation strategy goes beyond typical demographic boundaries and has allowed them to position themselves as a high quality option for people serious about exercise. While this is currently a niche market, it’s a market that continues to grow as cultural trends shift more towards health and wellness. Much of NoJax’s marketing involves online advertising with fitness websites and sponsoring fitness competitions, such as the CrossFit Games and the Chicago Marathon. Revenue for the business has grown consistently as their market and the consumer base has expanded. Last year, NoJax earned $6 million in sales with a 15% profit margin, which is above industry average. The brand is moderately priced when compared to the competition. Shoes sell for around $80, shirts go for $50, and pants average a sales price of $60. NoJax is currently considering expansion into other markets. However, they have decided to bring in an outside consultant to analyze the company’s design for its impact on organizational behavior. Other than the addition of new product lines, very little about the company has been updated or changed since their operation began. NoJax senior management is concerned that the outdated company design and the new employees that they’ve hired may be negatively impacting the business’ effectiveness. Below is data for the consultant on the company structure, policy, and key employees. NoJax Inc. Company Structure NoJax Inc. currently uses the matrix structure pictured below. Product managers each oversee a single specific product line. There are currently four product managers that oversee four different types of products. Those products are running shoes, running apparel, weight lifting shoes, and weight lifting apparel. There are also three different departments with their own expertise. Those departments are Design, Marketing, and Research and Development (R&D). The Senior Management team currently consists of the two company founders, Noah and Jaxson Williams. There are a total of 50 employees working at NoJax in the positions shown below. Senior Management Orlando Grant R&D Manager Janet Johnson Marketing Manager Alice Bloom Design Manager Carrie Durant Running Shoes Manager Jesse Mercado Running Apparel Manager Lynn Bryant Lifting Apparel Manager Anam Basra Lifting Shoes Manager NoJax Inc. Policy NoJax currently adheres to a very centralized power and decision making structure. Employees are heavily monitored in order to make them as efficient as possible at their positions. This includes weekly status meetings with managers and daily activity reports that must be filled out by each employee. When decisions do have to be made it generally requires multiple approvals from both direct managers and someone from the senior management team. Routine decisions regularly take 48 hours to be made. Disagreements between the product and department managers happen frequently and a clear mediation process for these instances has yet to be developed. Roles and members of teams stay consistent. Employees do not rotate through positions at the company and are restricted from changing teams. Job tasks and design is very clearly defined with little variation between roles. Yearly evaluations of employees include ranking all of the employees in the company. Raises are handed out based on each employee’s ranking. The top workers can receive up to a 6% raise and the bottom employees receive no raise. All employees are paid a base salary. Pay is slightly above industry average, and employees average 50 hours of work in a week. NoJax does offer health and dental to employees but nothing in the form of investments or retirement plans. The hiring process at NoJax Inc. includes individual interviews with a product manager, a department manager, and then senior management. Typical time from receiving a resume to being hired is three months. Employees are allocated ten days off a year. Those days are meant to cover everything. This includes sick days, vacation, and personal days. Any days missed past that must be emergencies with some form of proof, such as a doctor’s note. Human Resource responsibilities are handled by the senior management team, as an actual HR department has never been created. All manufacturing and distribution of NoJax products are outsourced to third-party partner businesses. Discipline at NoJax works on a point system. Infractions, such as being late or acting out, cause employees to accumulate points. After an employee reaches 10 points they are written up. An additional 10 points can lead to a suspension. Points reset every calendar year and there is no carry over from the previous year. Employee: Alice Bloom Position: Design Department Manager Sex: Female Age: 62 Race: Caucasian Work Experience: 40 years Education: High School Diploma Personality: Extraversion–High Emotional Stability–Medium Openness–Low Conscientiousness–Medium Agreeableness–Low Employee: Janet Johnson Position: Marketing Department Manager Sex: Female Age: 27 Race: African American Work Experience: 5 years Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Personality: Extraversion–High Emotional Stability–Low Openness–High Conscientiousness–Medium Agreeableness–Medium Employee: Orlando Grant Position: Research and Development Department Manager Sex: Male Age: 29 Race: African American Work Experience: 4 years Education: Associate’s Degree in Marketing Personality: Extraversion–High Emotional Stability–High Openness–High Conscientiousness–Low Agreeableness–Medium Employee: Carrie Durant Position: Running Shoes Product Manager Sex: Female Age: 41 Race: Caucasian Work Experience: 12 years Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Personality: Extraversion–Medium Emotional Stability–Medium Openness–Medium Conscientiousness–Medium Agreeableness–High Employee: Jessie Mercado Position: Running Apparel Product Manager Sex: Female Age: 34 Race: Hispanic Work Experience: 10 years Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Personality: Extraversion–Low Emotional Stability–Medium Openness–Medium Conscientiousness–High Agreeableness–High Employee: Lynn Bryant Position: Lifting Shoes Product Manager Sex: Female Age: 52 Race: Caucasian Work Experience: 20 years Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Personality: Extraversion–Medium Emotional Stability–High Openness–Medium Conscientiousness–High Agreeableness–Medium Employee: Anam Basra Position: Lifting Apparel Product Manager Sex: Female Age: 38 Race: Pakistani Work Experience: 10 years Education: Master’s Degree in Sports Management Personality: Extraversion–Medium Emotional Stability–Medium Openness–Low Conscientiousness–High Agreeableness–High

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