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Instructions: Student will read question or prompt completely. When you see the term discuss, you should think describe or explain your point of view and provide supporting evidence. You are to complete each assignment utilizing complete sentences in paragraph format.You will provide a response or follow the directions of the prompt. Then you will reply to at least two of their peers.

Question/prompt: You have been hired as the athletics director at Your State University. (You oversee both marketing and public relations in that role.) The once-proud reputation of YSU is in shambles. The football and basketball teams have losing records, there are claims of academic dishonesty, players have been arrested, and the athletes are troublemakers on campus. The coaches are rude to sports writers, fans, and alumni. Athletes are viewed as malcontents. Alumni are disgusted, current students won’t support the teams because of the behavior, season-ticket sales have plummeted, and you can’t sign any sponsors. Give an action plan for how you will respond.

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