Only Pro’s of how Government exists to serve the people.

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Lao Tze and Confucius

Government exists to serve the people.

Teams will debate one of the thematic areas of the course. The focus of the debate will be one of the resolutions below. The assignment will be graded based on the content and oral presentation rubrics in Canvas.

The purpose of this assignment is for each student to engage in a debate that presents a thorough consideration of the prompt. Each student should try to convince the audience that their position is the better position.

Each argument should explicitly incorporate content from the iBook readings and course material. Additional outside sources should be used to strengthen and support the argument.

Each student should also ask questions or pose objections to classmates’ arguments to engage in debate. This will count for a discussion grade.

Specific Requirements:

  1. Content: Clear debate explicitly supported with material from the associated section of the course and outside material.
  2. Length:
    1. Constructive argument: 3-4 minutes per student
    2. Questions and objections: 2 minutes per student
    3. Rebuttal and conclusion: 2 minutes per student
  3. Formal Outline: Each student will submit a formal outline (download template) with APA style citations and references prior to the debate in class, including a constructive argument, objections, a conclusion, and references.

Also fill to the formal outline the have to be in paragraph.

Please reverence everything, plagiarism checked.

Only the Pros side of the debt of how its good ti have government and serves the people.

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