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Imagine waking up one day and finding that you are the only survivor of a plane crash in the deep heart of Africa. and imagine that to your amazement, the Queen of the tribe herself is interested in your quick and complete recovery. her reason, you later find out, is her viewing you as the god’s timely answer to her latest dilemma. you see, she had a very beloved white whale pet, Shammooee who brought her luck and prosperity that she kept in a huge private and elaborate pool. the tragedy is that Shammooee passed away not too long ago after a long and painful illness. the queen was very saddened by missing her pet and was only consoled by baby Shammooaa, yap, you guessed, Shamooee’s only offspring.

all would be good and acceptable, except the fact that Shammooaa was an ill mannered and spoiled fish. she threw tantrum fits if she didn’t get her favorite treats (to which of course all the tribe’s women and men saved for her religiously just to stop these continuous tantrum fits and keep the queen pleased.)

in any case, the queen is under the impression that westerners attend what is called “school” that teach them precisely how to train this rude fish to behave and love her queen, just like her sweet mother.

the rewards for your success in shaping this fish’s behavior are great: including a special ship that will bring you back home safely. and the punishment for failing are horrible (dinner for Shammooaa is only the joyful end:-)

so what are you supposed to do for this post you ask?

ok, tell us please, how you would apply one (or more) of the theories on learning discussed in the text (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning) to produce a new and improved shammooaa–make the queen happy and save your neck.

soon, shammooaa is the obedient and playful fish; ready for any commands including jumping through fire circles, throwing balls and dancing with her tail in the air, and you on her majesty’s magnificent ship heading home.
due date: june 23.


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