Operations Management – Application of Learning Concepts

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In this assignment, you will apply the concepts learned in your unit readings to the Sony Corporation.

This unit begins with introducing a tool to help managers follow Drucker’s Rifle approach: Profit pool analysis. Although this can be a very complex task, it is important to conduct the mental exercise in applying this model to your chosen business. Although you may not find specific quantifiable data, you must make assumptions from interviews, web searches or assumptions from your own experience. You are required to apply these key learnings to your chosen organization.


  1. Using the SONY CORPORATION, prepare a 1-2-page reflection on how the learning application concepts for Internal Profit Pool analysis may be applied to identifying key services or products within your chosen organization. Please provide a graph and interpret the graph and its relevance for your chosen organization. Similar to what is illustrated in your assigned readings on internal profit pool analysis. Which products or services should your organization focus on to maximize wealth and value?

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