Outline and Resources

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For assignment M3A1, you were asked to identify a topic of your choice in organizational behavior that you would like to study in more detail this term. You were also asked to list five peer reviewed journal articles to use in your research. Finally, you were asked to identify ways you would inform the President of an organization about the importance of this issue for her/his organization.

For this assignment, you are asked to continue working on your research paper. Specifically:

  1. Provide an outline of the issues you will address in your research paper.
  2. Identify which of your resources will be used to support each of the issues in your outline. Be sure to use APA citations.
  3. Identify three ways you will explain the results of your research paper to the President of the organization.

Your outline should be a maximum of 2 pages, and your paper should include at least 4 references out of the 5 you identified earlier.


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