Painting Contrast

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You will need to choose a color scheme before you start. Use either cool colors or warm colors, but not both.
Choose a subject – your painting can be of anything that inspires you!
Create a basic sketch lightly on your paper.
Paint from back to front meaning paint the background first and work forward to what’s closer to you in the image. Try to get smooth brushstrokes and have smooth paint.

Also fill out these questions

1.Artwork Description: What did you create? Very general info (ex. I created a painting of a mountain.)

2.Artwork Source: Where did you come up with your idea?

3.Describe: Go into detail describing your art work.

4.Analyze: Tell about the elements and principles of art that you used.

5:Interpret: What feeling will a viewer get from looking at your artwork?

6.Judge: How do you feel it turned out? Explain.

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