Pakistan’s Economy Paper

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Topic: Pakistan s economy either grew or shrunk because of some other factors like foreign capital in the country or domestic programs to increase industry.

The research paper is to be a library research paper on a topic related to the material about developing societies which we have discussed or will discuss in the course. The paper must be based on scholarly sources which go beyond the required reading for the course. You must state a thesis and defend it with evidence drawn from your supplementary reading (and, optionally, other kinds of evidence). The paper should present empirical findings but not policy recommendations (that is, do not write a policy paper).

Required length (first and second versions): 3000-4500 words, not counting title page, bibliography, and long quotes.

Be sure to reread the handout on the research paper proposal to make sure you understand the requirements regarding topic and thesis. Your paper must be based primarily on scholarly sources. Review the discussion of theses in the handout on Blackboard. Also pay attention to the discussion of policy papers, and remember that this paper should not be a policy paper.

First version of the paper Write a paper stating and proving your thesis (which you may have modified from the proposal you previously submitted as you do more research). A paper proving a thesis has two major parts: stating the thesis, and then proving it with evidence. The paper should also examine evidence which appears to disprove it and explain why the evidence in favor is stronger than the evidence against. (In the social sciences we do not adopt the legal standard “beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt.” If we did, we would probably never prove anything.)

You will be writing two versions of the paper. The second will be a revision taking into account my comments. This does not mean, however, that the paper is a “first draft.” It must be a fully written, carefully argued, edited paper, with full references and bibliography, presented in proper style. It must follow the guidelines in the “Style Sheet for Writing Assignments.” If it does not meet the minimal requirements, you will be required to do it over

You may ask a fellow student or other interested person to read your draft and give you comments. It is always possible to cross the line between getting advice and getting someone else to write your paper for you, but I am confident you will know where that line is and not cross it.

The paper must follow the Style Sheet for Writing Assignments. Before printing your paper, reread the style sheet and be sure you have followed those instructions completely, including supplying all the requested information.

Pay particular attention to the instructions on format and the discussion of plagiarism. Papers which do not follow the procedures spelled out there will be penalized.

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