paper on morality in counseling MFT

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After completing the assigned readings, write an essay addressing the following questions:

  1. What is your understanding of the question of morality in the context of Marriage and Family Therapy?
  2. Why might the topic of morality be considered controversial in the field of MFT?
  3. What is your understanding of moral attitude, considering the AAMFT Code of Ethics?
  4. How can a therapist display morality with respect to his/her personal character?
  5. What can you specifically do to promote moral responsibility as a therapist with your clients, colleagues, and in the communities in which you are involved?

It is suggested that you use the essence of the questions above as headers in organizing your essay.  (See this website for information about use of headers in APA Style.)

Cite specific information from the text in each of your answers. You may use additional references if you wish.

Length: 5-7 pages

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