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The purpose of this Project Visual Analysis is to recognize and understand the visual choices stakeholders make in designing images that best represent their goals, which encompass their interests, missions, and message. Whether an image is designed for an advertisement, public service announcement, flyer, brochure, a billboard, or a website, stakeholders deliberately intend to persuade their audience by using effective rhetorical appeals. A rhetorical visual analysis is a strategy to make meaning of what you see, to separate parts of an image from the whole, and to make connections as to how the image communicates its messages and meanings in a way that aligns with the stakeholder’s goals.

you will find attached document where I have done half of the work I choose the first picture and did the analysis required but I need u to paraphrase it!! . the project is to choose a certain stakeholder which is i already have it is ” Corporate accountability” and my topic is about Protecting Children. your job is to find another picture from the same stakeholder that is relevant to the topic which is protecting children. and do the analysis required. then A conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking research ideas for research/action from both pictures and to restate if they have accomplished their message. also , An introduction that clearly identifies the stakeholder and its background (context), the controversial issue, and the thesis that presents the relationship between the two images and the stakeholder’s main argument, including how the two images represent the stakeholder’s goals, which encompass its interests, missions, and message. dont forget to include the the analysis of the second picture in each paragraph. each paragraph in the body is going to discuss each visual analysis which are logos eathos, pathos and kairos

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