Persona reflection on week 8 class social work with groups?

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Below are some notes taken from the class all description og the assignment is in power point attached and there is a video attached. The class reading maerials will be provided to know about group theories.

Kindly reflect on personal learnings, thoughts and observations and connections to group theory, process and group dynamics


Class notes for self -reflection

  • Hearing transition stories. Heard very touching story of grief and loss. How that group member was able to manage to work during that phase, and how that was a transition into her life as a person to going through a difficult phase and able to manage (trying to connect some theory here)
  • 2. Other group mates sharing and reflecting on last class of transition stories which I missed. People were sharing that how it was difficult to manage emotions when telling transition stories of their own life. Some people are still in process of it. some people have processed through it.
  • I have shared my transition from nurse to being a social worker and how it changed my life and way to see it completely and I was able to understand that I am not the only one who struggle through all these. People are going through different phases in life.
  • Watching video in class (Reflect on it and connect to learning in class and in general)

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