Personal Reflection #2

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Reflection #2

“Resistance is thought transformed into feeling.  Change the thought
that creates the resistance, and there is no more resistance.” -Robert
 Consider the quote above by Robert Conklin.  In our endeavors that
bring change, it is likely that we will encounter resistance, from others or
within ourselves.  Discuss your personal strengths and potential
weaknesses in managing resistance in others or in yourself.  How can you
overcome or address your own weaknesses to improve your skills as a change
agent?  How might you leverage your strengths in any situation that
involves change?

Use one of the following options to create your journal entry:

  1. Create a written reflection journal
  2. Use Jing reflection
    using a Screencast
  3. Use Voki to create a
    reflection using a talking avatar 
  4. Participate in a peer dialogue reflection (where you
    discuss the questions above with a peer or colleague and write a
    reflection based on your discussion.

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