Personal stress Mangment assessment and plan

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The goal of this project is for each student to develop a 5-7 paged plan (supported by what you have learned in this course) to maintain at least THREE effective personal stress management techniques. This paper will incorporate at least one stress management assessment, stress logs and personal reflections (newly acquired stress management skills). Chapter 2 has several assessments that can be used.

The plan should include:

1. At least one completed stress assessment (or test or scale) from Chapter 2. The score and an interpretation of the score is required. The interpretation might include current level of stress, causes of stress, physiological signs of stress and your reactions to your score(s). The completed assessment(s) should be included as an appendix.

2. Over the course of several weeks, keep a stress log. This can be completed for a few days each week or once a week to summarize the week. Included in this section of your plan will be your reactions, thoughts and personal insights gained from analyzing your stress patterns. Did you learn something new about yourself? Did different stressors cause different stress responses? How do you handle stress?

3. A stress management plan that you implemented and plan to implement long-term. Include three stress management techniques, why you chose these techniques and why you believe they will help with your stress management. You should include at least one stress management technique that you tried for 2-4 weeks during the semester and answer these questions: How did you feel when implementing the technique? Did it make a difference in your stress level? Will this technique be easy or hard for you to continue? Why? Did you learn something new about yourself?

. It will double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font with 1″margins and a Word .doc or .docx.

Once you take the question i will giv you the book access online

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