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Personality Theory Paper

Select a fictional character from television or film (a book may also be used if
desired). Selections may include (but are not limited to):

The Blind Side


A Beautiful Mind

Pursuit of Happy-ness


The Fisher King

Fatal Attraction (the movie, not the TV show)

What about Bob?

Girl Interrupted

Gone Girl

The Color Purple

Harry Potter series

Note: If you are going to use a character that is not from the above
list, you will need to get prior approval before writing your paper.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which
you analyzeyour
chosen character’s personality using one theorist
or theory from each
of the following columns:

Column A

Column B

Column C



Five-factor model



Object relations







Search the University Library, the Theory Tables Learning Team
Assignment, and other resources for information on each of the theorists or theories
you selected. You must use a minimum of 3 cited sources in your paper: the
text, a peer-reviewed journal article and one other source of your choosing.

Describe the connection between the character’s personality and the
theory used to explain it using relevant information such as direct quotes,
descriptions of events provided in the movie, show or book, examples of
interpersonal behavior, and so on.

Include the following components in the body of
your paper:

A short synopsis outlining the demographic and background information of the chosen

An evaluation of how each of the chosen personality theorists or theories
explains the personality of the chosen character, making sure to use one from column A, one from column B and one from
column C

A discussion of how the selected character’s behavior might be
interpreted differently, depending on which theoretical approach is used

A discussion of the extent to which each chosen theorist or theory would
address relevant social, cultural, environmental, biological, or unconscious
factors that may be influencing  the
character’s behavior

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (keep in mind that in
addition to providing citations, APA formatting also includes having an
introduction and conclusion, as well as correct title and reference pages).

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