Physical Risk Assessment Evaluation

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Assignment Content

  1. Once again you are the owner of a Security Company which has been hired to perform a risk assessment and evaluation based on the following scenario:The client is in a three-building corporate campus that includes a five-story building housing, which is the headquarters office for a major pharmaceutical company.The campus is located adjacent to a river that flows into Chesapeake Bay and sits on ground eight feet above sea level. The building is in a suburban location, sited on approximately five acres adjacent to an interstate highway ramp. Parking is included within the campus boundary and approximately 750 employees are present daily, plus approximately 50 visitors. The loading docks can be accessed from the parking lot via side roads.In the past there have been moderate threats made against this company. Nothing too specific but the employees are worried and executives somewhat cautious in their daily activities. There have been major protests in and around the facility, however only a few arrest have been made.Also, consider that there has been major storm warning in recent days and there is always a potential for a major disaster to occur.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you provide an overview of the risk assessment and evaluation which includes:

    • What elements would you include in providing a layered security system?
    • Identify what you feel are the company’s critical assets.
    • What steps do you recommend to always be prepared if a major disaster were to occur?

    Format your plan and presentation consistent with APA guidelines and at least two outside reference sources.

include a title page, page headers and numbers, reference page, in text citations, proper grammer, no plagiarism

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