Please answer business question in BIS 155 Excel

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Mark Jacobs, owner of Jacob’s Mini Mart currently operates two stores in Atlanta. HIs business has been very successful abd he is now opening two new stores. He will no longer be able to manage all stores himself, so hei s hiring managers for three of the four stores. He will continue to operate one store and act as general manager over the company. He is looking for an easy efficient way to collect information from the stores, and he would like your help with the following:

PART 1: Marc wants you to design a worksheet for his managers to complete showing the sales by product category bu month at each store. He wants to be sure the managers don’t change the formulas in the worksheet. Describe the characteristics of the worksheet.

PART 2 Describe the process Marc will use in combining the complete worksheets into one workbook and creating the summary report.

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