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This is the assignment that needs to be completed I attached what I have been working with this week for a guide so you see more or less what your working with. Please cite everything and no plagerism.

This week in DOC/700, you will incorporate the leadership piece of the SPL Model and build on your discussion by identifying how leaders might benefit from addressing the problem discussed the last 3 weeks.

Locate and analyze a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles focused on how leaders in your profession could benefit from addressing the problem to initiate change in the workplace.

Analyze and evaluate the articles using the same analytical framework you began in Week 3, adding new ‘topic’ areas to include the leadership component.

Write 2 paragraphs, 300 to 400 words each, discussing the implications of your problem for leaders.

Consider the following:

  • How could leaders in your professional discipline benefit from addressing the problem?

Write using a scholarly voice.

Incorporate feedback from previous submissions.

Cite within the paragraphs and reference sources per APA guidelines.

Format your title page, body of the paper, and the reference page per APA guidelines.

Place your analytical framework (graphic organizer) as an Appendix to your paper.

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