Please provide a detailed answer to the following questions.

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1. Utilizing the example outlined, post your response to Connect Case: 64-Year-Old Male Sues Staples. Your posting will look like:

(This answer only needs a little more elaboration and is attached)

Stop 1: (Define the problem in the case.)

Stop 2: (Identify the OB concepts or theories to use to solve the problem.)

Stop 3: (Explain what you would do to correct the situation.)

2.Read Diversity Mediating Morality, provide your response to each of the questions and justify/explain your position. Your answer for each question should be 1-2 paragraphs, double-spaced.

1. Is the employee being discriminated against?

2. How would you have handled the meeting? What changes would you have made?

3. What other issues do you see related to diversity?

4. Was the supervisor effective in communicating her ideas? Why/Why not?

Remember to provide three references. The discussions for the course can be enhanced by outside research to help support your ideas and concepts.

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