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This assignment is to create a fictional brand extension for an existing brand of your choice. If you could choose a car company like Honda, Toyota or any other KNOWN brands.

Suggested Process

  • Choose an existing brand and create a fictional (not a current or planned) brand extension that you believe would be successful.
  • Create a customer-facing print advertisement, poster, or brief commercial (less than 90 seconds) that promotes the new extension. If you could do a little poster here that would be great. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Create an internal document (max length of 1-page, front-and-back) that explains why the proposed extension is (at least moderately) consistent with the parent brand’s associations and positioning and is likely to be successful.
  • Then create a powerpoint slides so I can present it. The powerpoint slides are about the brand extension and how it will be successful to the parent company.
  • The extension in powerpoint slides will be evaluated based on the following 3 criteria: (1) how convinced are you that the extension will be successful in the marketplace?, (2) is the extension likely to enhance or dilute the brand equity of the parent brand and vice versa, and (3) how creative was the presentation/”pitch”?
    • 1 hard copies of your internal document
    • (pasteboard) and powerpoint slides.

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