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I want you to write one page summary for these videos

first one is Steve Jobs – Disruptive Innovation Documentary – One Last thing.

second one is Clayton Christensen on disruptive innovation – Clarendon Lectures 10th June 2013

Discussion questions to be answered on Jobs film and Slides on Second Machine Age—Bring to Class on January 22

After providing a brief summary on each of the above videos and slides, answer the following questions.

1. Why is Steve Jobs associated with Disruptive Innovation?

2. What is disruptive innovation?

3. Why and how is disruptive innovation epitomized ?

4. What characterizes the Second Machine Age?

5. What are the second and third order consequences?

6. Reflect and comment on social media, technology, and smart phones (ref. videos) and disruption and second and third order consequences.

Bring this assignment to class on Monday January 22 for discussion and submission.

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