Please write an open letter

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An open letter (Links to an external site.) is typically social commentary on an issue addressed to a large audience. Here is a recent example (Links to an external site.) addressed to Donald Trump. Companies and businesses can release open letters to express their ideas to the general public, or for PR purposes. Individuals can also post or submit open letters to express opinion. Although the contexts vary, you can analyze an open letter as a business message.

Applying what you have learned about effective business messages, you will read and analyze a recent open letter to Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. To understand the context, please scan through this overview of Tony Hsieh’s shift to “holocracy” at Zappos last year (Links to an external site.). Once you understand the background, please analyze this open letter to Tony Hsieh (Links to an external site.) .

In a 2-3 paragraph response to me, please explain:

  • The overall audience and purpose for the open letter by Mark Frein
  • How was the letter organized, and is the message direct or indirect?
  • What is effective about the letter?
  • Any possible critiques of the letter?
  • Please also briefly share your opinion on the concept of “holocracy” with me…

if have any question, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, dear writer.

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