Political science-latin Airman questions writing

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Need to answer all these 4 questions. Each question about 70-150 words.

1. What is the difference between state, regime, and government? From the readings and lectures, give examples from Latin America of a change in state (or levels of “stateness”/state strength), a change in regime, and a change in government.

Points breakdown: definitions of state, regime and government: 5 points; example of change in each: 5 points

2. In an attempt to explain why Latin America was less developed or less democratic than Western Europe and the United States, some scholars in the past have relied on (among others) dependency theory, modernization theory, or cultural theories. Choose TWO of these theories and 1) highlight their central tenets regarding Latin American political and economic trajectories; and 2) discuss the strengths and/or weaknesses of these theories when it comes to explaining Latin America’s political and economic trajectories.

Points Breakdown: Explanation of two theories central tenets: 8 points; explanation of strengths/weaknesses of theories: 2 points

3. This week we discussed a number of ways that the lands now occupying the United States and the lands now occupying Latin America differed prior to colonization, as well as numerous differences in their experiences of colonization. Outline 1) at least three important differences between the two regions’ experiences of colonialism; and 2) the lasting social, economic, and political effects of these diverging colonial experiences.

Points breakdown: Discussion of the differences in colonial experiences: 5 points; Discussion of lasting social, economic, and political effects: 5 points

4. By the middle of the 20th century, many countries in Latin America were undertaking import substitution industrialization (ISI) in contrast to earlier in the century when economic liberalism dominated. Explain the key differences between economic liberalism and ISI, highlighting specific policies associated with each. Then explain what prompted the shift from liberalism to ISI.

Points breakdown: Explanation of ISI: 3 points; explanation of liberalism: 3 points; examples of specific policies of ISI and liberalism: 2 points; identifying the cause(s) for the shift between the two: 2 points.


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