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Electronically submit a professional resume or curriculum vitae via our online application. This information should list your academic research, professional experience, and/or published works.

Some information about me

-I have no work experience.

– been in the country since 2012 I had to learn English for one year then start my bachelor degree Arabic is my first language

– I have undergraduate degree from California state university Fullerton, I graduate in the summer of 2018.

– this resume to help me to get acceptance to An MBA program.

-my undergraduate major is Fiancee.

– I got an A grade on international business Finance class and in insurance company operation class

-B grade on intro to real state class so I know a little bit about real state.

– I got B grade on business analysis class 1,2 B grade for each class

-I got B grade on managing operations class

-I got B+ on financial management class

– I got B on international economic class.

– I have been a member of the Saudi society club at California State University Fullerton to help the new Saudi students



-Learning about another culture

Helping people

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