​Progress report

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Progress report (500 words)

The Report title is “The Impact of Employees relationship on work Performance”

Prepare a detailed progress report in each stage of the study that clearly described activities, processes, and procedures that were undertaken while doing your assignment with reference to the standard format.


Details of procedures undertaken during title proposal and approval

Details of actions taken in writing of the introduction of the assignment


Details of procedures undertaken during the gathering, classifying, writing, and interpreting of related literature is based on the objectives and the title of the study.

Clear account of the issues, problems, and limitations encountered while conducting the study.

The Conclusion highlights the important events or actions undertaken in each phase while conducting the study and how the issues were addressed.


finalizing the topic and scope

limitations of the research

conclusion of the research findings

** Total Word Count = 500 words Only.

** In-text Citation and References Using Harvard Style.

** A previous Progress report will be attached, follow the same headlines.


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